Work in progress around the relation between mankind and nature


Complexity around the female body

-HDK at Steneby-examprojekt-2017-

"Pattern explosion"

Maybe she is a collector
Maybe a hoarder
Maybe it´s just a temporary obsession
Maybe you´re in her fantasy world


Previous projects

Selection of previous projects in different materials on the theme of the female body


With roots in France and Sweden I am now starting my life as an artist on Öland.

In my work I combine my love for conceptual art, installations, textile and illustrations. The important part in creating is the power of the handcrafted expression, personal, sensitive and unique. In my black and white projects, I try to create a graphic, high contrasted world.

My influenses comes from many directions; jugent pictures, graphic bauhaus patterns, modern art installations, old illustrations of animals and plants. These different styles create a dialog between an organic way of drawing and a more raw and industrial world.

Drawing is a sacred moment that I correlate with a kind of meditation form.




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